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Wolverhampton Homes use Twitter & Facebook to engage Tenants in Internal Audits

Wolverhampton Homes is a forwarding thinking Arms Length Management Organisation. It is passionate about delivering services to the community, that make a real difference to people's lives.

Wolverhampton Homes sees their management system as covering all activities of the business and have adopted an internal audit programme that continuously seeks evidence as to what is really happening. To achieve this, they recognised the potential of the HPO Online behavioural assessment tools. Evidence gathered is analysed to report risks to both the delivery of objectives and governance issues. Delivered online it helps to manage internal audit costs and expose issues that were often hidden before within this complex organisation.

One key aspect is the ability to gather evidence and other data from stakeholders including, tenants, councillors and support services, not just internally. This is where the use of Twitter and Facebook comes in. Previously Tenants could provide evidence of what is happening to them by either accessing a terminal in a reception area or more recently by emailing those who had expressed an interest in being involved. This has now been supplemented by making the link to the assessment available via Twitter and Facebook. Tenants who have not previously expressed this interest, or do not want to be regularly involved, can now easily report their experiences. As soon as they do so, the assessment system analyses this information to add to the emerging picture of risk to the delivery of objectives and other performance drivers.

The use of Twitter and Facebook is increasing involvement in audits and, critically, engaging with those people who in reality know more about what is being delivered than anyone else - tenants. How many others have actively involved their customers in their Internal Auditing? But what a way to make it really valuable.

Whilst this data is being gathered, evidence from other stakeholders is sought and analysed automatically alongside it to provide a cost effective yet more valuable internal audit approach. If you want to know more about how they have been using it, then contact Kate Hughes at Kate.Hughes@wolverhamptonhomes.org.uk.