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    Tools to help you Enhance Other Assessment Needs:

Too often when you want to conduct a focused survey, assessment, audit or evaluation, what is offered by suppliers is either an amended generic product or an expensive bespoke solution. It either does not fully address your research objectives or is too expensive to get the breadth of involvement required. This is when you need tools that allow you to create your own custom-built solution directly linked to your own business objectives, using your own language and fully covering the required business area. The tools we provide allow you to economically create these whenever you want them. Whether to review areas such as Staff Motivation, Customer Satisfaction, Supplier Evaluation other Stakeholder assessment, or a wide range of other uses, you can bespoke our Tools to provide exactly the information you need. You will be surprised at how cost effective this approach is.

Used in this way, these tools can then report against performance drivers that directly link to your business objectives; allowing the impact on your business to be fully understood. The assessment screens will be in your language, so that issues can be instantly recognized by both the people responding and those interpreting the results, reflecting the specific situation you are dealing with rather than an ‘unreal’ generic position.

Online methods are used to reduce the audit cost and time overhead, whilst gaining maximum involvement. The potential we provide for you to use a combination of a forward looking behavioural assessment approach together with on-going ‘continuous’ assessment provides an unrivalled ‘real time’ picture of performance, trends and the current risks to performance that your organization faces. Our tools can also provide real-time risk and performance dashboards for your management to be able to proactively manage the future rather than just react to historical audit results.

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