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We see Management Systems, Auditing and Performance Measurement differently.

We are prepared to critically look at what has happened in the past and challenge where it needs to change.

Whilst we are revolutionary in terms of changing the dynamic and focusing on what is needed in the 21st century, we are evolutionary in making sure we do not throw out the tools that will still be needed for future success.

We focus on sustainable approaches that help our clients address the challenges of the real World, where new business pressures mean they will have to adapt to survive. Our Tools and Techniques will help you travel this journey with greater confidence from better information.

The HPO provides sustainable approaches for clients that directly support business performance improvement. Our Tools and Techniques are based on a proven model of the high performing organisation, where business processes and people are aligned to deliver business objectives. We use the principles of this model to guide us.

Used independently, or combined, once established, the approaches will provide you with the platform required for improved business performance, long-term success and sustainability. Our tools and techniques are 100% based on your business requirements not those of any specific standard or model.

The process and System Thinking that underpins our approach will help clients develop from an ‘entry-level’ process based management system to effective Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance. Whatever the size, sector, age or maturity of your organisation, our models and tools will help you to better achieve your business goals and create a platform for sustainability.

We work in partnership with clients to provide them with tools and techniques they can apply themselves. This allows them to develop their management system, performance measurement and people at a pace that allows optimum results to be achieved. These can be applied ‘out of the box’ or  tailored to your business, with the aim of transferring as much knowledge to you as possible. This enables you to implement with confidence on a day-to-day basis. We work with an increasing number of partners and a number of like-minded individuals, to ensure that our approach reflects business best practice and academic research. Many of our original customers have now become commercial partners, promoting the Tools and techniques we have developed to their own customers.

Our assessment tools are the main part of what we do – see our ‘What We Do’ page for details. We also provide a mix of Training, Facilitation (focused on business performance), and Information services to significantly help you to develop your people and your organisation. We are changing the dynamic of management systems, performance measurement and auditing. Our models and tools are helping many industry leaders achieve higher levels of business performance. Why not join them?